The Junior League of Las Vegas’s upcoming School Garden Project will strive to support existing gardens with volunteer support and programming and create additional school gardens by collaborating with schools and community partners.

Community partners

  • Los Vaqueros
  • Project Dinner Table
  • School administrators and educators

How it works

JLLV’s program will provide students, particularly at Gene Ward Elementary, with educational materials offering healthy recipes, tips on nutrition, gardening, meal preparation, fitness and healthy lifestyles. At the same time, it will expand existing school gardens with volunteer support to increase impact and effectiveness, and it will create additional school gardens or support other schools’ accessibility to learning opportunities at the Gene Ward Elementary garden.

What’s the impact?

This program will educate youth about where food comes from, show them the values of hard work and physical labor and empower them to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. The program will also increase community interaction and partnerships with local not-for-profits, and raise awareness throughout the community about the importance of healthy eating and growing food locally.