The Junior League of Douglas County’s Kids in the Kitchen initiative, now in its fourth year, seeks to reverse the growth of childhood obesity and the associated health issues currently affecting Douglas County youth. This program, for which JLDC has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Douglas County, currently targets children ages 12-18, increasing their nutritional literacy and equipping them with healthy cooking skills.

Community partners

  • Boys and Girls Club of Douglas County
  • University of Georgia, Douglas County Extension Agriculture and Natural Resource Office

How it works

Through the program, JLDC will offer eight weekly children’s nutritional cooking classes from September to November. During each class, participants will create healthy meals, using produce from a local community garden maintained by afterschool children from another local organization.

 What’s the impact?

Providing healthy snacks for kids will not only feed those who might not otherwise get an after-school snack because their parents work late hours, but it also shows all kids that healthy foods taste good. In addition, by exposing children to community gardening, JLSD not only fosters future farmers, but it also provides the Boys and Girls club with locally grown vegetables to be incorporated into daily meals.