A troupe of Girl Guides in Spryfield recently got the chance to learn about the importance of healthy foods, help members of their community, and earn a new badge, all in one fell swoop.

The Jollimore Girl Guide troupe was invited to a healthy cooking demonstration at the Spryfield Boys and Girls Club by the Junior League of Halifax.

Community partners

  • Jollimore Girl Guides
  • Simple Balance Consulting

How it works

Wendy McCallum, a local Nutritional Consultant, and owner of Simple Balance Consulting spoke to the 25 Girl Guides of the Jollimore troupe about the importance of cooking with real food. McCallum borrowed some of her own family’s favourite recipes from her cookbook, Real Food for Real Families — Super-Dee-Duper Lentil Soup, healthy coleslaw, and whole wheat biscuits – and had the girls break into groups of five to prepare all the ingredients as a team.

Once the soup, coleslaw, and biscuits were made, the girls got to sample their creations before donating everything to St. Paul’s Food Bank in Spryfield. According to McCallum, food banks are typically stored with leftovers and non-perishables, and she wants to see more healthy, real foods find their way to low-income families, too.

What’s the impact?

In the end, the Jollimore Girl Guides came away with some new skills, a new awareness of healthy eating, and a new sense of volunteerism and giving back to their community — all things that these girls will carry with them into adulthood. Everyone involved in organizing Kids in the Kitchen was thrilled to see so much good come out of this one event.

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